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Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

This is essentially the problem. I wish I knew the answer - don't suppose you're able to find anyone with a similar sized tank since the sizes you're talking about seem a bit more common than the one I'm on about?
I've got a 60cm one, just measured the legs and worked out you would get another 9cm max out of it

The runners the legs are on are run the whole length of the luminaire so you can easily put a longer luminaire on a shorter tank.
Thanks Arron and Steve, an 80 cm unit it is for me, but it sounds as though a 45 cm may be just a tad too short for you Chris. Perhaps you will be able to stretch that extra few cm or so out of it somehow.
Well it's here! It fits - only just. It could probably do with a millimetre or two extra for comfort, but it does fit. We had to loosen the screws holding it by a turn or so, but it still has a firm hold and I'm fairly happy.

I'm not altogether impressed at the supporting legs though - I would have thought that they'd be made of plastic as they seem a little on the flimsy side and there is certainly 'give' in them although the OH reckons that that may be deliberate.

Anyway, gotta run as the fluffy-dogs need their walk!
The tank itself is in need of a little (read a lot!) of TLC, but the luminaire looks great imo. Not sure how the moss growing out of the water will do without the condensation keeping it going, but hey ho!

looks fantastic to me, I would suggest adding an external filter and heater though to make the scape easier and remove things from the tank.
A really good start though should look fantastic once it starts to fill out some more. :)
Thanks mate!

I would love to run an external filter etc on that, but it's not practical where it lives (on a sideboard) and OH is dead against the sideboard being 'modified' for filter hoses which would be a must. Bear in mind if you ever get married that "compromise" can sometimes be the bain of your life! :lol:
Do it and don't tell him...
Cables are thin, just pull the sideboard forward the 22mm needed. :lol:
so.. would u recommend the luminaire or not, and seeing as its an 18" t8 are there options for different t8 tubes or are the arcadia ones supplied good enough.. to not need other options..
Would I recommend it? Yes, definitely. I have doubled my lighting, not to mention the fact that the tank looks more stylish (as long as you ignore the contents lol).

Afraid I can't comment on the actual bulbs supplied - I mean they look great and the colour of the inhabitants look better but as to whether there are better bulbs out there, dunno! On my larger tank, I've gone for non-aquatic builbs (mostly daylight I think) and I'm very happy with them as that tank is hugely brighter and plants pearl all the time, but I don't feel qualified to comment other than that.