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Best freebie?


30 Dec 2020
Liverpool, UK
Best freebie for me was Mister Apister. He was bought by my dad for his 45L tank after reading that would be enough space somewhere on the internet. He bought the fish, who stayed in the 45L a week, which I visited a lot more than usual since he was so captivating and mysterious (I hadn't kept apistos before and didn't realise how lovely they are and felt very jealous), and at the end of the week my dad gave him to me because it was obvious that he looked too glorious, large, and cramped in the 45L. And thus began my love affair with apistos...

Now I give his babies to people as freebies, long live the Mr Apister Juniors! Very happy that they are already featured here!! 😍

Here is a photo which, as lovely as he looks here, does Mister Apister no justice at all compared to how regal and colorful he was irl... I'm very glad his offspring have gone to homes with great photographers!

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thats a beautiful apisto. What type is it?