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Bogwoods TMC Signature 60cm "Shrimp Heaven"


1 Jan 2009
Here are few pics of my TMC signature scape at 8 months.

Its been designed with shrimp in mind, with a selction of smaller plants and mosses. Its for keeping my shrimp not breeding as i have specialist breeding tanks for that.

Tank: TMC tank and white cabinet 600mm x 450mm x 300mm
Light: TMC 1500ND Tile on white TMC arms. and Controller
Filter: Eheim 350T with Eheim pro pipework/spraybar,and Pre Filter.
CO2: Pressurized CO2 with in tank diffuser. (1 bps)
Substrate: ADA Amazonia
Ferts: Tropica Premium, 10ml weekly.

Tank Parameters:
22c Temp, PH 6.5, GH 5, TDS 130, Eheim LPH 1050
40% WC weekly.

Eleocharis Sp mini
Althernathera Reinecki mini red
Ammania sp. Bonsai
Ranunculus Innudatus
Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Japan"
Mosses - Various Spikey, Willow, etc
Limnogium Laevigatium floating .

CRS, 150 approx
Ottos, 4
Rasbora 24
Amano Shrimp, 3

photo 4
by awhsjh, on Flickr

photo 1
by awhsjh, on Flickr

photo 5
by awhsjh, on Flickr

photo 3
by awhsjh, on Flickr

photo 2
by awhsjh, on Flickr

photo 3
by awhsjh, on Flickr



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Looks very healthy, and there is no way u keep that cabinet that clean all the time!!
Looks very healthy, and there is no way u keep that cabinet that clean all the time!!
Anything looks clean compared to yours MR H.:singing:
Great sense of depth youve created. Really like it. If it wasnt for the shrimp on the back glass the tank appears to go on and on. Really nice
Thank you, very kind comments............. The guilty:) shrimp has been destroyed.

To be found on a ukaps Facebook page ferry shortly.
Cheers, sounds good, but what is Facebook?:eek:
That's a lovely scape.
Thanks Tim.
Hi all,
Really nice, I like the Frogbit.

cheers Darrel
Appreciated, the Frogbit has turned out really amazing, looks great around the moss, and can it grow, but so easy to keep in shape.
Really nice mate , I have the same tank.
Ive been very happy with the Signature Tank/cabinet and led with white brackets.
That really nice, the shrimp look fab! What sort of power and duration do you run the tile at?
Hi Garry.
The tile runs at 70%, and including the ramp up and down of 30 mins each side is on for a total of 7hrs.
I started at 45%, bringing it up gradually, over several months.
Same tank also, looks lovely, nice job and nice shrimp :)
They seem to be very popular tanks, shrimps are my own, so im very happy with them.So tame and friendly, can spend hours watching their antics.
Lovely tank fella, do you find they breed at all with co2? I appreciate that isnt the aim but curious...
Good question. But i don't know the answer, as they are not yet old enough, probably another month. It will be interesting to see if any shrimplets appear.
To keep them happy, im very careful with fertts, and CO2.
Up to now i i have only bred shrimps in dedicated tanks , with no CO2, min fert, and no fish, and as you know works well.
Very nice Al! stunning in the flesh too..

beautiful shrimp and those oto's look fantastic, award winning standard I'd say, lol
I have to admit i am tempted by the TMC lights, they are nice and the brackets are very tidy.