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  1. Victor

    Best ph for CRS (poll)

    Hi! Which ph do you consider the best for well being and breeding of crystal red shrimp? Just choose your "magic number" above because I'll keep my ph stable. Thank you.
  2. Harry Finley

    Crystal red shrimp breeders

    Hi guys, although I'm a new member here I've been following UKAPS for a few years now and I have to say I'm a huge fan. I'm trying to get hold of some crystal red shrimp and wondered if anyone has any that they'd sell me. Not looking for anything super high grade just with nice colour and...
  3. Simo- acidgrimlock

    Help with id

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what shrimp my crs are? I think that they are sss grade but what? Flowerhead? Mosura?
  4. nduli

    chocoloate gourami and highgrade CRS

    my xmas project is to sort my kitchen tank out and get some chocos (Sphaerichthys osphromenoides) . As the current tank in the kitchen hosts 40-50 high grade CRS/CBS / taiwan bee and given the chocos need 26/27c has anyone successfully kept the 2 together and bred both in the same tank? It will...
  5. Lauris

    Crystal Meadow. (F.spec19L nanao)

    OK.. too late for verbal diarrhea. too late.. or should I say..too early? lost in time but came up with this.. some plants will go in. dunno yet what kind of.. no name yet.. any suggestions on plats welcome (top right side corner and left side of the tank) Time-lapse will follow tomorrow..or...
  6. darthpaul

    The Crystal Island

    This weekend I stripped down my 30L Fluval Ebi | UK Aquatic Plant Society as I am setting it up to finally try CRS. I have bought myself an RO unit, put Ebi Gold in for substrate and added lava rock and redmoor wood. So far the planting is rotala and pelia from my stripped down tank but I need...
  7. bogwood

    Bogwoods TMC Signature 60cm "Shrimp Heaven"

    Here are few pics of my TMC signature scape at 8 months. Its been designed with shrimp in mind, with a selction of smaller plants and mosses. Its for keeping my shrimp not breeding as i have specialist breeding tanks for that. Tank: TMC tank and white cabinet 600mm x 450mm x 300mm Light: TMC...
  8. RolyMo

    Ooooh My First Dedicated Shrimp Nano.

    When I think back a year ago when I first purchased my first ever tank, a Juwel Rio 180, the assistant in the fish shop said about shrimp and that he bet (cheekily) that I would get into it as it was the new thing. At the time, I thought he was mad and I nodded with a smile and moved back to the...
  9. Otto72

    Otto's Upcoming Shrimp Breeding Station

    Edited and updated 24th October 2015 Ok not much to see here just yet but this will be my journal for my Shrimp tanks. Aquarium 3 x ADA 60P * Lighting Not sure yet. Filtration Eheim Ecco Pro 200 x 3* Air Pump (1) and Sponge filters (3)* Substrate Dennerle Sulawesi Black* ADA Amazonia*...
  10. G

    George's One-Pot Iwagumi Challenge

    Hi all, New journal time. :) Spec - Tank and Cabinet - TMC Signature Range Lighting - TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima x 2 CO2 - 2Kg FE, Dennerle reg with solenoid, 1BPS with Fluval bubble counter, Up Aqua inline diffuser Filter - Fluval G3 Substrate - 15 litres TMC nutraSoil (black) Ferts -...
  11. bogwood

    CRS - In their new home

    Hello Just a quick update, moved some of my home bred CRS into my planted tank. Full tank shot Nov 13 by awhsjh, on Flickr Thanks Bogwood
  12. RolyMo

    Your Opinion please on adding RCS to a CRS tank

    Hello I did a spot check on my fish tank today and in particular the internal Juwel filter. The reason I check the filter is because I normally find a cherry shrimp in there. To my surprise I found 2 quite small Cherry Shrimp in the filter. So I am guess someone has been a bit busy!!! :cigar...
  13. RolyMo

    Nano or Sponge Filter

    Hi Guys & Gals I am a couple of months into my new shrimp tank which is populated with plants and CRS and all doing well. The nano tank I got came with a Dennerle nano filter which has worked well to date. It silently ripples the water surface in my low tech tank. Oxygen is supplied by a...
  14. Iain Sutherland

    Taiwan Bee Nano

    Hey all, set this up a couple of days ago for some more Taiwan Bees. Nothing too fancy and got a few things that need tweaking like the detail stones etc but the idea of this one was always function over form. Tank- optiwhite 40x30x30 Filtration - eheim liberty Lighting - 11w CFL with 9w par38...
  15. Otto72

    Show us your shrimp tank 2013

    Well, I made a post like this here about two years ago and can't seem to find it again. So I though I would start a new one as I know you all have some awesome Shrimp tanks out there. Don't be shy let's see your masterpieces :)
  16. RolyMo

    Good heater for a Nano Tank for CRS

    Hi I recently bought a second hand tank, filter, heater and light. Which I have been bringing up to speed for a CRS only shrimp tank. All going well but I am wondering if the heater is up to the job. It is a Fluval nano heater with no control and goes straight into the tank rather than...
  17. RolyMo

    What shrimp can I get next?

    Hello. I am now officially 1 year into my new hobby of fishkeeping. You can see what I have on the signature, but in summary its a planted tank, CO2 injected and contains community fish, Amano and Cherry red shrimp. I am in London on Tuesday and was thinking of popping into the ADC shop where...
  18. G

    CRS photos, including babies

    My CRS are breeding. I have about 30 babies. :) Here's a few shots of the adults and their children.
  19. G

    George's "Crystal Palace" - now with HD video

    Hi all, This is my latest project. Please excuse the poor photo quality taken with my phone. Crystal Red Shrimp non-CO2 aquascape by George Farmer, on Flickr It's going to be dedicated to crystal red shrimp (CRS) and I hope to get them breeding. The tank is in my office at work. The tank...
  20. mafoo

    Baby CRS and CO2

    I've been having terrible luck with the survival rate of the CRS fry in my shrimp tank. Im wondering if it has to do with the CO2 injection, as all my other parameters that i can test for a pretty much perfect (55L aquarium, tetratec 400 with intake sponge, tds 150, nitrate 5-10, nitrite...
  21. Nathaniel Whiteside

    'Pretty Stream' - CRS tank

    Hello guys, Okay, this is a Journal dedicated to the rescape of my ADA Mini M which can be found here. The rescape has been coming for a long time as I was never really happy with it in comparison to the Raw nature feel I wanted to give it. The Title for this Tank is 'Pretty Stream', and the...
  22. Ady34

    Aquanano40 CRShrimp tank....Journal Closed.

    Hello, after my first planted scape and the introduction to the enjoyable antics of shrimp, ive decided to dedicate a tank to them. Looking at various nano set ups i stumbled upon this Aqua One set up, which at 40 x 40 x 40cm, 55l is a little larger than some, but hopefully that should offer...
  23. andyh

    Andyh's Journal "Green Beach" Update 01/03/2013

    Hey guys Yes its been a while but i am starting a new journal for my new scape..... I have been busy playing with stones and sand and have got something i am happy with for now :geek: Probably get tweaked a few more times yet. I am using my ADA 60p, combined with Dragon Stone, Sarawak sand...
  24. nduli

    Shrimp and frozen bloodworm

    Guys, anyone got any positive or negative views about feeding shrimp (Sakura and crs) frozen bloodworm?