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brightwell aquatic ferts

rummy nose

30 Mar 2009
hi all,

recently my lfs in belfast started to stock a range of products from brightwell aquatics 3 of which i have purchased to use on my 84lt disaster of a planted tank, at first everything was going great with better growth & brighter coloured leaves but then disaster in the form of the school holidays & my autistic daughter has been driving me up the walls :crazy: , now days the tanks more likely to have a daily dose of play-duo than ferts. added to that my light unit is slowly packing up & only lights for 1-1.5 hours before switching off for anything from 30-60mins so my tank is going into melt down at present until i can get back on track with fert dosing & sort out a new lighting unit.

the products i bought are:-

Florin Multi - multi nutient with iron & iodine
Florin k - concentrated potassium source &
Florin Axis - liquid carbon

each bottle cost £6.99 per 125ml but for my size of tank i only need to dose 0.3ml per day, so very economical :D .

Has anybody on here ever used or is using this brand of liquid ferts & what do you think of them compared to other brands if you have used any?
I've not used these.

I understand they're distributed by TMC who are expanding their planted tank range.

Interesting on the Iodine addition - I'm guessing to help with shrimp, as plants don't need it.

Pity there's no NPK product from them. Until a planted tank range of ferts include NPK then I wouldn't really take them seriously in this day and age.

Good luck with them and please let us know how you get on.
thanks george

bit of luck there getting the plant master himself. :D
well if it wasnt for your articles in pfk & mr algae from pfk's plant forum id still be killing any plant i got my mits on, stuck with plastic ones for years, but now i wouldnt have one near me.

got more intrest in plants now than i have in fish, and i have to say its put the fun back into the hobby.

thanks! :)
Rummy Nose, welcome to Ukaps.

I havent heard of those either, although its always good to see another brand of Liquid Carbon... better choice hopefully means better value. I'd assume the Florin Multi would be essentially a Trace mix, which is good. As George says, theres no N or P in there, so once your tank is up and running again perhaps you might consider some dry salts for these.

Hope you get your light sorted soon. You dont say what type of tank you have, but if you cant take the light unit back to where you bought it then maybe there might be a solution. I've sent you a PM about it.