Can BBA on previously used wood revive?

Discussion in 'Algae' started by igirisujin, 26 Feb 2020.

  1. igirisujin

    igirisujin Member

    21 Feb 2020
    Kyushu, Japan
    As per the title really.

    I'm currently using a piece of wood in my new tank that was previously in a scape that had BBA. The piece of wood has been unused and kept dry for over a year, but this week I scrubbed it will and began using it in a tank again. It appears I missed a couple of small stubborn bits of BBA that are still a little furry-looking.

    Can it revive itself after so long being dry? Or is it just going to disappear?

    Thanks :)
  2. alto

    alto Member

    24 Dec 2014
    This stuff is legion ;) so the next time you drop the water level I’d syringe some peroxide or Seachem Excel directly on to it, wait 15 min or so, refill the tank etc
    (You can also apply the Excel under water (filter turned off) but it’s obviously going to be “stronger” when used as above ... I prefer not to use peroxide underwater as it disperses so quickly, and is rather more toxic if shrimp etc wander into it)

    Note, don’t add more Excel or peroxide than is “safe” for the tank water volume if you’ve livestock present; in the absence of livestock, if I’ve added a considerable amount Excel etc, I’d fill tank, drain, refill (peroxide overdose can easily damage most plants, Excel overdose usually only affects a few sensitive plants)

    Dead BBA will turn pink/purple and disintegrate (may disappear overnight get if you’ve shrimp/snails to eat it)

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