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Can Koralias be adjusted?


18 Apr 2012
Just wondering (in terms of flow rate) if these can be adjusted. I'm going to fit a circulation pump to my Trigon 190 (currently have 2x Eheim 2217) to try and assist with my BBA issues. I'm not sure whether to go for the Nano 900 or the Nano 1600 - I don't want to turn the tank into a whirlpool!
As tim said there not adjustable, in the true sense of the word but theres ways to slow the flow such as using tights etc over the unit to diffuse the flow, having owned and used a few 900's I dont think they will offer much flow in your tank imo there just about powerful enough for a 60l so id go for the 1600

Cheers, I'll grab a 1600 then - getting a bit down about the BBA in my tank to be honest, despite low light and short photoperiod I still can't get rid of it (plus I think my glut has degraded, mixed a new batch, spot dosed, left 20min, and it has done sweet f.a.!)

Thanks guys.
Aye, pretty much. Dosing 20ml ferts in 190l every 3 in 4 weeks. T8 lighting, 4 hour photoperiod. 20-30% water changes every month or so. Heavily planted.
Bang goes my suggestion of no water changes :( thats the only thing going off james algae guide as it seems like youve tried everything else
@tim - Plants in that tank. Minimal hardscape though so hard to say. In my other tank (Rio 180) I've got a small amount on the tips of the Sagi where it's shot up to the surface (guess that's from too much light due to proximity to water surface?), and little tufts on bits of the hardscape, but since the hardscape is dark it doesn't show unless you're looking for it! The Trigon is a pain though, noticeable amounts on various plants. Interestingly, the new anubia leaves I'm seeing have no BBA on them, so I don't know if maybe I've fixed it and it's just the existing stuff still growing?

@sa80mark - I'm no expert, but like to think from reading the forums that I have a vague idea of the sort of approach to take and logic behind it, but I really am stumped with this BBA! Tried everything I can read on these forums, everything from James' and Tom Barr's resources, and still struggling. It's the reason I'm now looking to add another powerhead, in case just having leaf movement isn't enough. If that fails then I will 100% be getting rid of the Trigon, because at the moment I'm just not enjoying it :(. Would be a real shame since it's getting to be quite a mature jungle tank now :(.
When you say "not done water changes" or "filter maintenance longer than normal" what sort of time periods are you meaning Tim?

The reason I ask is that the whole point I went low tech is that with my job I can't commit to the sort of maintenance that high tech drives - if this is going to impact my ability to keep low tech then I'm going to end up in a position where I have to shut down :(.
Well, I like to clean the filter monthly on my low techs, I change water about 3 times a week around 10-20% good syphon of the detritus, 10% is just one 15 ltr bucket on my biggest low tech and a two liter measuring jug on my shrimp nano so 5 mins before I head off to work or when I get in, I work in catering so sometimes water changes slide with the long hours which is when I started to notice the algae so I just do small amounts as often as possible.
Interesting post tim, I guess by doing regular water changes your keeping co2 levels up and when you let them slip co2 levels get chance to fluctuate so algae kicks in,

Its definitely good to see people maintenance on low techs especially as im strting one soon :)
I hope I solve this with a bit more flow then, because there's no way I can do that sort of water change regularity! Thanks for the feedback tim :).