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can profito lower your Ph,


15 Mar 2009
Hi Folks,
I,m just wondering if profito can have an affect on your Ph,
My tank is always around Ph 6.6, but after testing last night is around 6 - 6.2
I have not done anything different other than starting to use profito as a replacement to plant nutrition a few weeks back.
I dose the profito daily with easycarbo,
Ph from the tap water is 7 - 7.2,
Cheers Billy,,
aaronnorth said:
well things like NItrate & phosphate can, not sure if the profito contains those thoguh


Easylife do a seperate Nitrate additive - Nitro and Phosphate is fosfo.

Profito contains:
Fe - Iron
K - Potassium
Mg - Magnesium
Mn - Manganese
B - Boron
Li - Lithum
Cu - Copper
I - Iodine
Ni - Nickle
Mo - Molib - something struggling to read my own hand writing, job for tonight.

Mo = Molybdenum

I don't believe it's the profito. It was my understanding that plants uptake trace elements quite quickly, therefore they couldn't cause a pH drop because they're not in the water column. Not 100% sure on that one though.