Chemical reaction or defiency

21 Oct 2018
Lighting: 16:00-23:30
Co2 injected pH 7.4, lights on 6.9-7
Gassed tank water 7.8
EI dosing
Substrate: fluval stratum
KH: 5-7
Phosphate: 3-5

I've been having problems with hygrophilia shotting smaller leaves and older leaves going black around the edges constantly to the point I've literally trimmed it so far back it's just stem so I've took that out because it stopped growing. I've had some BBA which is currently on its way to be eradicated as I've improved flow and co2 diffusion along with Excel spot treating. I've had ludwigia palustris in my tank about 3 weeks now and it has grown but leafs seem very small with dark veins and pale leafs it's supposed to be red also my Amazon sword also 3 weeks in the tank has got new leafs like the ludwigia but I've spotted on one or two leafs browning at the tip and one leaf has two yellow spots I'm wondering if it's a magnesium/iron defiency or as my tap water is very hard could it be the magnesium/calcium ratio? Any help appreciated thanks. Pics of ludwigia and water report attached.


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