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Choice between two external filters...


31 Dec 2013
Richmond North yorkshire
I am wanting one of the two filters for my 4ft tank (30x122x40cm)(150L).

Eheim Professional 350

JBL CristalProfi Greenline e1501

Basically I have read quite a lot about the Eheim which was the choice i was going to get. Then i went to my local Aquatic Shop and they had both in stock but advised me that the JBL one is better for the money (£30 Cheaper) and that you get an extra years warranty (4 Years).

Any advice on this would be appreciated :)
I am using JBL e701 and I am really happy with it. Quite and easy for maintenance. Good flow and volume and after all 4 years warranty are a lot. However, I haven't tried the eheim 350.
Had my e1501 for two years now, still gives sufficient flow for 180l tank. This is with an extra piece in spray bar to extend all the way across the tank.

Not cleaned the pipes (or UP diffuser) since fitting. Last time I looked there was detritus on the pipes, but not a lot and probably not affecting flow.

I clean the coarse internal filters once every couple of weeks, as tend to accumulate plant bits, and have washed occasionally the noodles and balls when they are covered with waste, but is fairly low maintenance.

Pipe connector easily unclips enabling the filter to be removed from my cabinet. Generally once put back, and if I haven't removed too much water it self primes when turned back on.
Thanks for that :) how long would you say your spray bar is on your video? What's the size that comes with it? Overall how happy would you say you are with it?

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My tank is 92cm wide, in the top video you can just see joints in the spray bars, the piece on the right is the extra piece (cut to length) which takes the spray bar right up to the internal Juwel filter. I would estimate each piece of bar say 25cm. There are two pieces that come with e1501.

I got the extra spray bars (I only needed one) and extra suction cups from

Without the extra length of bar, I was having CO2 distribution issues at the far end of the tank, the plants obviously suffering.

I am happy with the e1501, flow rate is good even after a month or two not cleaning. One thing to note is only 20Watts, thus 20/1000 * 24 * 365 * £0.15 = £26 / year to run.
My JBL e1501 was only chosen as was the biggest filter I could get in a Juwel Vision 180 cabinet.

Thus guy got his in his Vision 180, but had to remove the door & hinges to get filter in and out as he also had a CO2 reactor in the cupboard as well, preventing the filter fitting fully.

Got mine from Zooplus.co.uk for £149 - 5% for being a new customer.
I noticed it seemed quite a big unit! Although i have more then enough space in my cabinet! I want to hear something about the Ehiem!? Otherwise the JBL it is ;)
I've always used Eheim, superior quality, never had any problems. But always used classic ones, never the new Pro series. There where some problems with leaking in an older version, but they fixed that. In general Eheims are very good.
One question i forgot to ask.. How much is the gap for the spraybar as i have it going over glass shelf in my tank for my glass lid..? If that makes sense?
+1 for eheim classic. Should last as long as your tank seals;)
Hi all,
I'm the same as "Edvet" and "James O", always Eheim. I've got Classics (2211 & 2213) and 2 x "2224" that I like, and a couple of Eccos (2232) that I'm much less keen on, all of mine were pre-owned, although some of the Classics I've owned for ~20 years.

The real advantage for Eheim is that you can get replacement parts, meaning that you don't have to throw the filter away when a small, but vital, component breaks.

cheers Darrel
Which out of the two has the most "actual" flow rate? I have read the JBL is around half so (700lph) I have been trying to find the Eheims actual flowrate but hard to find. Would it be roughly half to?(525lph)
No Eheim state max flow rate and rate with media which is better than 50%. Have a look at charter- house. They have the info