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Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by JazzyJeff, 21 May 2009.

  1. JazzyJeff

    JazzyJeff Member

    Right finally getting round too stripping my display tank down, got new substrate ( Tropica) and Silica sand was wondering as I have had a snail invasion if there is anyway of disinfecting the plants that are in the tank before I replant them so as too eradicate the little blighters !!!!!!
  2. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Member

    Leamington Spa, UK.
    Some say a diluted bleach dip (usual 1:20 ratio) for up to 4 mins, but I've never done this. I've heard some have problems with their plants after too, so really one for trying out on a few plants before doing the whole lot!
  3. aaronnorth

    aaronnorth Member

    worksop, nottinghamshire
    bleach weakens the plant and they become suceptible to algae. You could try a copper dip which would be a better option IMO. It will harm shrimp so wash them throuoghly after.

    Not sure on what concentrations you need though :bored:
  4. baron von bubba

    baron von bubba Member

    stroud, glos
    how about adding an assassin snail or two, my lfs sells them and they apparently hunt dont and eat other snails!
    possibly add a loach of some sort (i used chain/dwarf loaches for this, seemed to work and they are so nice i added a few more even tho my snails had gone!!) :0)
    or maybe a dwarf puffer (altho its said the latter can be a tad nippy with other fish)

    i asked about bleaching plants before and was advised quite strongly against it!
  5. rawr

    rawr Member

    I wouldn't recommend using bleach to be honest, it just seems a bit problematic.

    As suggested, you could use a few Assassin Snails.

    However, what I would recommend is giving the plants a good wash under the tap or in a bucket of water, wash out all the roots, nooks and crannies. Also give the tank and hardscape a good scrub and that should give you a good chance of getting rid.
  6. Garuf

    Garuf Member

    Gas um. Snails are a side effect of over feeding so revise your feeding and see how you go.

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