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Cloudy water


29 Aug 2010
Hi all

Being working away for a long time and my 240L tank was in need of some TLC. I've restarted the 50% water change every 2 weeks and clobbered or removed a lot of plants as it was looking very overgrown with some black and green spot algae. CO2 is back on at 1BPM and a reduced photo period using 4 T5's. Substrate is Amazonian.

The issue is that the water remains cloudy despite cleaning the media (in tank water). Any idea as to improve things or is it time for a complete restart? The tank has been set up for 5 years. Fish and shrimp are all well.



50% water change every 2 weeks
There is no mention of cleaning the filter has this been done as there would have been plenty of fine particles of the substrate floating around.

Until it clears up I would do a 30-40% every second day and, reduce the feeding as well.

When it's crystal clean again I would then do another filter cleaning including cleaning all the hoses etc.

Your water changes I would do a 30-40% twice weekly after the second filter cleaning.