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Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by Tomo, 21 Feb 2010.

  1. Tomo

    Tomo Member

    4 Aug 2009

    I am thinking of upping the levels of CO2 in my tank to fight off some algae. I have a 60L tank, with a 24w T5 light on for 8 hours a day. I have these plants in my tank - Amazon Sword (large), Anubias (large), Wisteria, Crypt (large), Vallis, and Java Fern. I dose Easy Carbo daily, 1ml and ProFito 2ml daily. I do a 30% water change fortnightly, with RO water. All water levels are fine.

    I've seen the Tetra CO2 Optima canister which is available for approx £13.00. Would this be beneficial to my plants, and help fight off the algae? If so, how much would I need to use? I don't think there's a bubble counter on this unit. I've never used a kit like this before, always relied on EasyCarbo, but I really want the algae to go.

    I've read that algae does not like water movement. Would I be better off spending my £13 on a small internal filter to run alongside my current Fluval U2 filter? If I placed it at the opposite end of the tank to where the filter is now, next to the plants with the algae, would this help to get rid of the algae?

    So, what I'm asking is, Is increased water movement around my plants going to get rid of the algae, or do I need to up my CO2 levels using liquid or the Tetra CO2 kit?


  2. Dolly Sprint 16v

    Dolly Sprint 16v Member

    26 Oct 2008

    Up your Co2 levels (injected Co2) rather than spending £13.00 on a Tetra Co2 canister buy a Co2 regulator with a solenoid shut off valve, needle valve and an FE.

    By improving the Co2 levels with the tanks will improve the growth rate of the plants and combat the growth of algea, also increase fertz levels aswell - algae attacks plants that are weak.

  3. Simon D

    Simon D Member

    22 Sep 2008
    I tried the Tetra Optima system whilst I was waiting for a new reg/solenoid with poor results. I wasted £12 on it :rolleyes: .

    If you're going to add CO2, go for a proper injected system. This will cost more initially but you won't look back.

    See: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=7776

    Don't worry about the disclaimers (as long as your sensible) , it's actually easy and very effective.

    Also: I believe EasyCarbo will kill your Vallis :(

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