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Coldwater Set-up


14 Oct 2007
It needing doing badly and I got to it at weekend……. Tis quite a shallow tank (gotta be for my Tosakin) so bit limited, but not bad I reckon? Dunno. :)



lol thx. it's just wood ive picked up from various aquatics places over the years.
nice shapes that catch my eye
I agree with Flo, that is a great cold water tank. I guess your not going too "high tech" with this? i'd try and fill out the back a little more and maybe some small ferns or somthing else that your fish don't eat around the base of the wood.
Good stuff
Thanks :)

will get some more plants in when i get paid again, so open to suggestions.

not hi-tec just yet.... still getting the hang of keeping plants alive lol
A week ago I got hold of 6 Cardinal Neons and 4 gorgeous Angelfish (2 silver and 2 dark). :D:D They suit the tank really well. I'll try and get some pics when I get a chance, although they are all too active to get a non-blurry shot!