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Corydoras flashing? Possible fluke treatment?


22 Oct 2020
Hiya, over the last week I’ve noticed that a couple of my corydoras have been flashing. The one also has red looking gills. There doesn’t seem to be any other symptoms than this. Does this sound like flukes?

I was going to treat for flukes but the medicine I have isn’t shrimp safe. I’ve done some research and found one called Fluke-Solve that is apparently shrimp safe. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Tank Specs:
100L tank (36”L x 12”D x 15”H)
Heated 24 - 25C
EF-250 All Pond Solutions external filter
50% weekly water change (seachem prime)

6 harlequin Rasboras
8 false julii corys
1 pepper corys
3 bronze corys
1 unknown cory
100 something RCS

Water quality:
Ammonia 0
NO3 40 (Tap water sits at 40ppm)
NO2 0
GH 8
KH 6
pH 7.2
CI2 0
I'm not experienced, but I did have one flashing, and one that died from red blotch – just very suddenly did a loop for air and then died. The one flashing seems to have recovered. All I can do is repeat what some people say, that increasing heat and daily water changes may be enough. I hope others can give you more solid advice.
I've read in a number of places that with some illnesses increasing the temperature helps, I think by speeding up the metabolism of a virus, or depleting it, or both. Typically up to c 80-82 degrees. Sorry for the vague explanation but if you google then it comes up as one treatment.
Ah, you must be thinking about the heat treatment for white spot. A lot of experienced aquarists dont recommend this, the added heat is a great stress on the majority of the fish we keep, and it is difficult to keep the temperature high enough to successfully kill the parasite. Medication is readily available, kinder and more effective at treating it. I suspect sometimes the reason it is so widely talked about is because one can do it at home without going out and purchasing anything, but in reality it is not that great.
I wouldnt recommend increasing the temperature for the original poster.

Fluke Solve contains Praziquantel and is shrimp safe, I have used it many times. Make sure you repeat the treatment at the correct interval so that you kill the second generation of parasites, this information should come with the medication or will be available online. Sometimes a third round for added safety is performed.
Make sure you have plenty of oxygen and surface agitation when using the medication.