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Dammit, not another tank to do! 450 Gallon Starfire glass


Thread starter
2 Aug 2007
Bio control has a lot of severe trade offs, one of which it typically takes 20 years of investment and research and then they never eliminate the other pest, they just reduce and control it, sometimes fairly effectively, sometimes not much if at all........

I'm not keen on Biocontrol but in some cases it has worked, the weevils in African to control Water Hyacinth was a good example, but they cannot live and survive here during the winter and the summers are too dry.

So they never can make it, many of the biocontrol agents cannot tolerant the same environmental extremes as the pest.......

I use sediment physical methods, a rather novel one that's extremely effective for all pest/non pest species and cost very little to operate, it only works where you can flood the soil or have saturated sediments, like aquatic sediments.........or Rice paddies(we have more rice than all of Japan in CA alone). This requires no permit, no longer term testing, approval etc. It kills the pest at a specific depth in the sediment, but it fairly ineffective against seeds as far as we know. Aquatic weeds use tubers however which are very susecptible and problematic to managers.

This tank is nice since the glass and lighting will make it really super clear.

Tom Barr


7 Mar 2008
Tom, I'm curious about how this all works.
Do the clients often give input on the design, or do they leave it to you largely?
I get the impression customers are pretty well off - is it a case of 'here's a blank cheque, get what you need', or are you restricted to a budget?

Mark Webb

27 Nov 2008
Re: Dammit, not another tank to do! 450 Gallon Starfire glas

Would be great to see an update on this one Tom.

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