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Dark mini landscape rock


19 Feb 2018
Does anyone know what they do to mini landscape rock to make it dark?

I'm wanting to break a couple of pieces I have to form smaller pieces but obviously if I do they won't match unless I angle the rock so they only show the original face


I acid wash all my “Seiryu” stone (after scrubbing and bleaching) - while the acid removes a fine outer layer (that accumulates as dark grey “dust” in the bucket) the underlying stone ranges in color from a very pale grey to a dark charcoal

SR Aquaristik (the company that featured in recent George Farmer video & FB posts) cleans all the stone before selling (but then unfortunately individually wraps each piece in plastic :banghead: ) so choosing darker stone from any prewashed collection should suffice

You can use strong or weak acids for the acid wash, with strong acids, ensure good ventilation (outside!) and protective equipment (hands, face, feet and anywhere that might be splashed) AND this acid must be disposed of appropriately (and should be neutralized first before using “dilution” as a disposal method)
Vinegar (weak acid) will produce the same result but the stone must soak for ~ 24h
Thanks for the replies

I did split a couple of the stones earlier and to be honest can't see any difference between the inside and outside, so win win!