Do i need anything else (Co2 System)


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23 Jul 2009
With the help of Dan and Matt on here have now ordered a Fire Extinguisher and Regulator/Solenoid...Will i need anything more than the following .. Check V/V...Diffuser...Drop Checker.and bottle of tester..Co2 Tubing...(Bubble Counter?)bottled fertilizers and plants of course lol...Lighting is approx 2.3 WPG...3 cm Aqua plus Covered with 3/4 cm of black gravel (Fine for cat fish).... Am i missing anything, as will be ordering this on Monday Regards Zac


17 Oct 2008
Thelwall, Warrington
I would add a bubble counter so you know roughley how much Co2 is flowing through the pipes
this is nice and cheep,

In an ideal world :woot:
your co2 system should have, FE-->Reg-->solanoid(optional)-->Pipe-->Check valve-->Bubble counter-->pipe-->diffuser.

you should use a drop checker to moniter the achual levels of co2 in the tank (with a 4dKH solution and reagend in it) lyme green is about 30ppm.

plants, heavly planted from the start, i stuck with only 4 types of plant for a more dramatic look (subject to opinion!!) and some sort of tools to plant (i would never have been able to plant my HC with no tweezers!!)

you will need some sort of fert i.e. Tropica plant nutrition or if you are a bit braver than me EI :lol:

high flow from your filter or a power head will be needed to help control algae and supply the ferts to the plants.

Am glad I (and Dan) could help
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