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Doing the EI Calculations....


29 Jan 2008
I've been trying to work out what dry ferts I need to dose my nano (14ltr)

Going by Nutri-Calc it comes up with the following:
KNO3 0.08g/day
K2SO4 0.04g/d
KH2PO4 0.02g/d
MgSO4 0.20g/d
Trace 0.01g/d

Adding this information into keymaker's calculator with another 50% on top for safety, I get in 100mls for 1ml dose per day
KNO3 12g
K2SO4 6g
KH2PO4 6g
MgSO4 3g
Trace 1.5g

Now looking at the outputs, it shows that for NO3, PO4 and K they go above the EI low range after the first day and go green after a week. I'm concerned about the lack of Mg shown. I know that Fe is sufficient in my tap water, but I'm unsure about the Mg concentration. Achieving 10ppm of Mg seems like I'll be adding a lot of MgS04 and would have to make a separate solution for it?

Any thoughts and/or comments would be welcome.
I'd just take the standard 20G numbers discussed in the EI article and divide by 4. :idea: