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Drop checker.

4 Jan 2021
I know that a drop checker is a fairly essential bit of kit and I have one on order, is there another way to tell if I am not dosing too much co2 till it arrives. I’m currently dosing 1 bubble/sec in a 55l nano. I want to add livestock now that it’s cycled but don’t want to kill the fish. Or should I just wait till I have the bits I need.
You can use a pH pen if you have one which would give an instant reading rather than a reading of 2hrs ago like the drop checker. But to be honest I wouldn't risk stocking until I had the drop checker or ph pen, not just for the fish but it's also easier to dial in the co2 when there's no livestock (just in case you make a mistake etc).
Without a drop checker you could be putting in too much or too little and adjusting the co2 when fully stocked is hard work on you and your livestock. 👍
Just checked the ph and it’s 6.4 when the tap water is 7.2 but the slight concern that can be rectified with a water change is the KH. The tap water is 12 but the tank is 2 so not ideal for shrimp or snails. I’ll just wait for the drop checker to arrive and look to possibly stock next weekend.
Active substrate maybe? I know this sucks up KH.

2KH shouldn't cause you any problems.
Possibly, just seemed a big difference considering he has a near neutral ph. I have similar water and the substrate never made much of a difference at all.
Was just curious really.
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Active substrate and heavily planted with a big chunk of bog wood. Thankfully the low KH is suitable for the shrimp I want.