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Fill pressure


22 Dec 2008
Lanark Scotland
Hi guys, I have just picked up my refilled, 5kg Fe and 5KG bottle and after fitting my new BOC 2 stage regulator, I noticed the fill pressure was 800psi / 55 bar aprox is that normal ? I had previously only had a basic single stage reg and had not related to this figure, I just seems lower than I had expected! Is an outlet pressure of 10psi / 0.8 bar approx to the bubble counter about right ?
Thanks in advance regards Colin.


New Member
23 Apr 2009
We are using steel cylinders measured by water capacity by litres (let's say 4 litres, the cylinder's weight is 7.3kg) here. When refilling in liquid Co2, it is measured by weight.

There is a safety regulation saying that the maximum refilling weight shall not be over 60% of the cylinder's capacity in consideration of maximum expansion of liquid Co2 at the temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. So usually, for such a cylinder, it is refilled with 2.4-2.8Kg liquid Co2 maximum. It shows 55 to 60 bar at the regulator. If the room temperature is close to 30 degrees Celsius, it will come up to 65 or more. When it is going down beyond 50, and the output pressure is rising to 3 (without tuning), it means the liquid Co2 inside is almost finished. Maximum 3 weeks to go.

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