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Filter wool underneath the rocks?

Depends on your goal - filter wool should be sufficient to prevent scratches
If you watch George Farmer (& our vids, it’s not really as issue with most setups

To distribute pressure you need very dense polystyrene - which is then VERY floatable so make certain your rocks etc are hefty enough -or use quality “eggcrate” (again look for weight ratings as you don't want it flexing etc)
Open cell styrene ... why bother ... except for the scratch protection ;)

There are also closed cell foams which would work - again always look for inertness under aquatic conditions (include the heat rating)

I’ve never bothered ... but I also don’t use 10kg rocks which are then balanced on a couple tiny “points”, instead I look for rocks with have reasonable weight distribution
You may want to put filter wool under or between rocks if you plan on using different substrates either side of the rocks to prevent them from mixing over time.