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Fire extinguisher setup, is this lot ok?


25 Jun 2008
Belfast, NI
Tigermoth said:
I haven't seen any of these regulators in the flesh as it were, but all the ebay regs look like the solenoid is attached and part of the main on/off tap, or whatever it's called.

With the wave reg it looks like the solenoid is inline and could easily be removed, then just screw the needle valve straight into the regulator.

Of course I could quite easily be talking complete nonsense.

I think you're right, but I'm not sure why you'd want to disassemble it. For a planted tank, the solenoid is too useful to remove imho.

Tigermoth said:
Btw, Are the wave solenoids run direct from the mains or from a 12v adapter?

Run direct from the mains, although they come with a 3 pin european plug, so you'll need a suitable adapter. I found one for a fiver in tescos, but I'm sure they could be found cheaper elsewhere.


Thread starter
27 Feb 2009
My fault for not properly explaining what I was thinking, too much beer last night. I was just thinking about if the solenoid developed a fault. Then it could be removed and the reg still usable. I definitely intend to use though, it as it saves on gas and it's supposedly better for fish not running 24/7.

I've got an adapter, £1 delivered off ebay.

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