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Flowering wendtii

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19 Feb 2011
I've had wendtii brown for years - virtually since I got into tropical tanks. They've always grown well whatever tank they've been in ie high or low tech. I've got some in one of my shrimp tanks and I've just noticed its got what I assume is a flower stalk! Is this common? Its a first for me with this species 🙂 The plants immersed so will it actually open up?

Hi Viv
Should open if kept in the emmersed environment.
I've never had or saw any Crypt flowering submerged...although i could be wrong.
You need to load up a photo when it happens...its quite a rare occasion.
Sorry, I did mean immersed - it is completely under water. Its why I was so surprised. So it probably won't fully form and open unless I move it. Oh well.

If the flower is initiated immers, it is quite likely to finish its cycle immers too. Very unusual, but can happen if the plant has been imerse for years and years, not allowing it to go naturally generative (which ofcourse happens in the time of year, the plant spend emerse in nature). You COULD see it as a stress-signal, telling that this plant has had a (unusual) long period being flooded. I wouldn't worry, tbough, since Wendtii 'brown', as you allready know, is a very hardy and tolerant Crypt.
Feel priviledged instead, an show off here😉 .
P.s. If ever you get Crypt. flowers above water......... DON'T put your nose in them......... they smell awfull :what:
Thanks for that Mick 🙂 I've taken a photo of it already and will keep an eye on it. If it does open I'll take another photo and put it on here.