Flustered my tap water is around 40ppm nitrate


4 Mar 2020
Hello guys. I'm a little worried today.

I've set up a new tank about 4 weeks ago coming Thursday.

200l tank 99.5cm wide, 40cm deep and 50cm tall. ADA substrate system, power sand and amazonia a path of la plata sand. Seiryu stones and wood. Quite a lot of plants.

A week ago I added 10 amano shrimp to aid with clean up, seemed to go quite well. So I decided to add another 14 or so yesterday plus 8 zebra nerite snails.

This morning I find all the shrimp just sitting around not grazing. The snails on the other hand have done a fantastic job of clean up.

I tested my water and because it was in the midst of cycling, my nitrates are still high. Ammonia is perfect, nitrite is pretty close to zero, nitrate is around 80ppm.

For safety reasons I have been dosing a little extra prime each day to help de toxify the tank during the cycling process and keep the live stock safe.

Today I decided to finally test my tap water and its coming out around 40ppm nitrate!

I'm a little flustered I feel like the shrimp are going to die.

What should I do?

DSC_2917.JPG DSC_2970.JPG


30 Jun 2011
That level of nitrate isn't a problem, I would be more worried about the nitrite, which you want to be zero, not close.
Water changes would be good.

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