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Discussion in 'Filters, Filtration and Pumps' started by browning IRL, 28 Jan 2009.

  1. browning IRL

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    15 Dec 2008
    Naas, Ireland.
    I started up my Fluval 405 on my Osaka 320 last night. I am not sure if its me or my expectation but the flow in the seems to be less than I expected having only ever used undergravel filters with powerheads previoulsly. I have changed the black ribbed pipes to clear pvc and have added Cal Aqua lily pipes. There is some flow as i can see my vallis swaying moderately. There is no visible inflow into the tank apart from a small vortex at the mouth of the lily. Should I be seeing more obvious signs of flow or am I worrying about nothing. Shiuld the outlet lily be completely submerged or slightly out of the water. I am planning on adding a Hydor Koralia pump shortly. For this filter and tank size (320l) which model should I be looking at for a planted diffused CO2 setup.


  2. ceg4048

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    Whatever your filter is rated at you will only get about half of that if the filter is filled with media. You'll get even less if the filter is mounted very far below the water line. See how long it takes to fill a jug of known volume and calculate the flow based on that measurement, then compare it with the rated flow. If you are significantly below 50% then you'd need to troubleshoot. For that size tank a target total flow "rating" of about 3000LPH would not be unreasonable.

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    22 Dec 2008
    Lanark Scotland
    Hi I have exactly the same setup and as you suggest the Hydor Koralia 2 seems to be a perfect fix. I have the filter outlet going along the back and boost it with the Koralia as it flows round the corner. If you drop in some fish food the circulation/flow is very obvious and importantly really good. The CO2 distribution and and ferts seem to love it and the plants look great. Hope this helps take care Colin. :D

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