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Discussion in 'Filters, Filtration and Pumps' started by Nabhan Khan, 6 Dec 2008.

  1. Nabhan Khan

    Nabhan Khan Member

    hi fellow fishkeepers,

    i was looking for a small filter for an upcoming nano, and i stumbled upon the new fluval internal filter series, the U series. I watched the review on pfk website and decided to purchase one, bought one on ebay for £11 quite cheap.

    i bought the smallest one the fluval U1, its nice and small, with easy openings to clean the sponges, impellor etc.
    biggest thing i noticed was it was practically silent, compared to the fluval2+ i previously had.

    Although i wish i had gone for the U2 instead of the U1, because the U2,3,4 have 3 stage filtration and also they have 2 outlet nozzles, which is obviosly better for flow.

    i highly recommend these filters to anyone, i will be buying another one for my marine very soon.

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