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GA in-store display - Moss forest 180L

Mark Evans said:
Absolutely fantastic Viktor!

A good lesson in how to grow plants.

Thank you my friend. A bit overgrown, but it's a nice way to change something on the original idea. We did that 3 times in the past 11 months. So had a little fun on it. ;)

We may will redo this in january to something new.

foxfish said:
Beautiful, not much open space left now!

Thanks mate. Yup too much plant, we just do minimal trimming on plants to keep up this shape and colors.
The current fishes are hiding all the time when i get closer to the tank. So they might appreciate it :D

jalexst said:
Nice one victor,
Stunning tank, it's a real inspiration!

Thank you, i am glad if this help in some ways. :thumbup:
My collegue also shot this, but with an older Nikon cam and a different lens. This is closer to the reality :D

A quick update on this one too. The tank is really overgrown so it's lost the shape a bit, but we try different things there until we rescape it soon.

Currently the left HM was removed and replanted, because we can't trimm it anymore and lifted up from the soil.

Tried Fissidens on the top of the wood close to the surface with extreme high light and this become a super dense thing. The photo has a green glow like it would have affected by algae, but this is clean :D The guy behind the camera is an amateur one to capture it correctly. :lol:

A few shots from yesterday.

Green Aqua - Showroom by viktorlantos, on Flickr

Green Aqua - Showroom by viktorlantos, on Flickr

Green Aqua - Showroom by viktorlantos, on Flickr

Green Aqua - Showroom by viktorlantos, on Flickr

Green Aqua - Showroom by viktorlantos, on Flickr
I like the warm light better then the one you used in the IAPLC photo, it really shows the beautiful colors in your tank. :thumbup:
Guess everyone's wondering what's lurking inside your moss, it really needs a haircut. :)