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Get your garden out

Actually that is only the front lawn!
However you must consider I was a professional landscape gardener, specialising in Japanese design & koi pond construction for almost 30 years.
The left hand side taken last summer when it was hot & dry...excuse the role play charters LOL..

Wow and...well, just wow...what an amazing landscape. Interesting about the vines, the root stock outside - but he vine inside, it's the best way apparently, just like the Great Vine at Hampton Court Palace.
Hi All,We do not have a garden 🙁🙁 But we have an Allotment 30ft x 60ft 😀
Couple of pics 2012 i think 😕 Getting ready to plant things again this year😎

0313_zps0afa2286.jpg[DOUBLEPOST=1401803802][/DOUBLEPOST]208_zps885bd9f2.jpg[DOUBLEPOST=1401804453][/DOUBLEPOST]Ho The Wife & Me Entered the Enfield Allotment comp that year 😉

902_zps55a8ff37.jpg Came second Not bad for the first time 😀
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Time to get your gardens out again folks...
My Azalea...
Well I bought the black pine about 15 years ago but it was around 50 years old then. We had to have it craned in position (I made the pot from decking) I made a tool shed to look like a tea house but it is now completely shrouded with clematis and my water feature is so overgrown you can't see the water. I planted lots of bamboo to shade the ferns but the whole corner has an auto sprinkler system that produces an mist every hour during day light.
I pay a nice chap to manicure the pine once a year but he often appears with his shears free of charge!
Some nice gardens shown here.. 🙂 Mine unfortunately is at the north side of the house, my neighbour has a huge american chestnut standing which looses almost all it's leaves and chestnuts on my lawn and terrace. So this means every late summes first the blossom falls then later i need a helmet when on the lawn :lol: and then always a thick pack of leathery leaves covering everything. The cold and constant wet northside makes it impossible to keep a lawn healthy or many plants alive over the winter.. So every year after the winter my garden looks like an empty mess and have to start over from scratch. My neighbour is a farmer and has a hurdle of chicken, i don't mind it's a mess anyway, but the chicken come in my garden, looks cute but they are hooligans. Make a yard look like a WW1 battle field 🙄

One positive side free eggs and its very versatile, it looks different each year.. Next to the ferns, the raspberry, the blackberry, the grape and my beloved cherry tree there aint much permanent, i always clean up in the spring and plant a lot anual flowers sometimes tomatos too. I like tomato to grow wild, it's actualy a beatifull plant if grown wild.

Last year 🙂... This year, dunno, still in my head only and cleaning..

DSCN0787 (Kopie).JPG

Under it
DSCN0783 (Kopie).JPG

Next to it
DSCN0438 (Kopie).JPG

DSCN9010 (Kopie).JPG

Next to that
DSCN0736 (Kopie).JPG

Piece of the terrace
DSCN0939 (Kopie).JPG

DSCN1119 (Kopie).JPG

Can be fun, it's rather small and coozy and sometimes verry buzzy, so not a huge job to make some of it.

But all in all not realy that exciting..
DSCN0751 (Kopie).JPG


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    DSCN1102 (Kopie).JPG
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Thank you Roy.. 🙂 The bath tub also is a project starting over again each year. It's empty now and already thinking of what to do this year. Maybe gonna do some with old wooden wine barrels to integrate.. Dunno yet, but want to make something splashing this year.. 🙂 Probably make a little journal about it... Hoh the bathtub pics where actualy 2014.. 😳 🙄
Looking great...a journal would be fantastic - it really sounds like a battle against adversity - and maybe post here again once you've got it all sorted out😉

Anyway, thanks for resurrecting this wonderful thread, maybe more of us could "get our gardens out" this year...it'd be great to see🙂
I see what i can do Tim, might place it in the pond section.. Sneek peak.. 🙂 Still a mess and nothing going on but death from last winter..
But this year the idea is an old cut in half wine barrel RH side on the higher lawn behind the tub, with some lily and a lotus and some more feeded by the tub and an overflow back to it. Behind that ugly diy firewall and stove stands another swamp bucket out of sightt filled with irisses and other plants, so tub feeding the bucket, the bucket feeds the wine barrel and all runs back into the tub. :woot: Splashing! Hydrowhateverics. :thumbup:

DSCF6446 (Kopie).JPG