Ghost Shrimps


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10 Jul 2019
Selby, North Yorkshire, UK
Hi all

Is there any chance that I can get some ghost shrimps in the UK? I know they were widely available in South Africa and so were RCS too.

I also have had no luck keeping shrimps alive when I still had a tank in South Africa and would like some pointers in that direction. Back then I had a PH of 7.5 to 8 (river water as I lived on a farm and our water came from the river).

Now I'm in Selby, North Yorkshire on another farm and leisure park. The water here is very hard - you can see the limescale on everything including the taps.

That's about all the information I have right now about the water quality here.

For my tank which is 23L and it's planted.
17 Aug 2018
Water hardness is not a significant factor for ghost shrimp and you should be able to find them in the UK. For some reason I find that the independents are better than the main chain stores for things like this.
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