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Going High-Tech


11 Sep 2010
Manchester, UK
Hi All,

After a long absence in the hobby i am making a come back to high tech, i have kept my tank low tech with minimal plants but i miss the lush greens and moss growth.

Couple of questions.

1) What's the best approach from going low tech to high, especially as i have fauna in the tank already.
2) The substrate i have has been in there for some years , does it need to be replaced or will co2 and ferts be sufficient?


I don't think the soil will be much issue if you are going to dose the water column anyway. Just CO2 and ramping the lights up gradually through the week and monitoring progress would be where I would start.

I suppose you could break it all down and start again but keep the filter fresh so you don't have to cycle.
Thanks, not really planning to re do the substrate so I will see how things go with lighting and co2 at a gradual rate! Cheers

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