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Hello from Derby


New Member
11 Nov 2023
I am new to this forum and I am interested in making a planted aquarium, without co2, without a filter. I found a tutorial, I think the result is very nice, but I don't know how complicated it is. Do you think it is possible?

Hi all,
Welcome to UKAPS, I think you will like it here.
making a planted aquarium, without co2, without a filter.
It is definitely possible. A lot of us don't use added CO2 and some of us (@_Maq_ ) don't use a filter.

In terms of plants as a filtration aid? It is always <"plants and microbes together"> and it is the <"single thing that makes fish keeping easier">.

Have a look at:
and linked threads.

cheers Darrel
Welcome! :)
Yes, it is possible. And if you get stuck you can get some good help on here.
what? why ? is so bad?
Yes. Her book is bad. She's not a honest scientist and she's poor practitioner. She's definitely not the one to advise how to do our hobby.