Hello from Kent


8 Jan 2020
Kent, UK
Just thought I would say hello. I've been reading these forums for around a month and recently signed up so I can interact a bit and seek out advice specific to my goals.

A complete newbie, I brought our first Aquarium (40L Panorama) a couple of months ago, mainly as entertainment for one of my wife's cats as he broke his foot and is cage bound for 3 months. Since buying it I have upgraded the light and filter, added CO2 (soda bottle mixer style) and automated the light/CO2 control. Have also started learning about liquid ferts - now using Seachem Flourish, Iron, Potassium and Excel; plants seem to be starting to do better as a result. Bitten by the bug we now have a larger Fluval 125L tank for our living room and I have slowly been gathering pieces for it.

It's been a steep learning curve but after those upgrades, some trial and error and reading others advice on these forums I think I now have the 40L pretty much under control and running smoothly. Hopefully the 125L tank will be slightly less of a challenge with the experience I have already gained. I guess some aspects are going to be more complicated, like plumbing and running the external filter, larger CO2 setup etc.

I guess my best bet will be starting a journal for the 125L tank and they seeking specific advice in the relevant forums, making reference to the journal to save having to re-post various details over and over again? I'll be looking for help and advice on selecting plants, getting the external filter setup and plumbed properly, choosing the correct CO2 setup and stocking with fish.

Have attached a photo of my 40L tank.