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Hello from Suffolk!

Dave Pierce

14 Jan 2013
Hi all, I've been browsing the forums for some time now and after finally setting up my 60L I thought it's about time I joined up! I have been keeping fish and plants for over 5 years. After just recently moving house I have set up my 60L tank and it's currently on day 11. This is my first high tech aquascape so I'm still learning and this is my first attempt at this sort of set up.

Please see my pictures below of the tank as of yesterday (day 10):

Tank information:

Tank: Clearseal 60L - length 60cm
Lighting: All Pond Solutions Tropical T5 24w Tank Lights x2
Heater: 50w 25 Degrees Celsius
Filter: Fluval 205, Lily pipes (from eBay)
Co2: Tropica Plant Growth System 60,
Substrate: Eco-Complete, Sand

Plants: Rotala Rotundifolia, Hemianthus Callitrichoides cuba, Pogostemon Helferi, Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis, Limnophila Sessiliflora

Fertz: EasyCarbo 2ml daily.

Looking forward to getting involved!
Hi Dave and welcome to the forum.
Looks like a well proportioned scape you have there.
One thing you may need to look at though is you've listed easy carbo as your fertiliser, easy carbo is a form of liquid carbon which will be great to supplement your tropica co2 gas system, but you'll need macro and micro fertilisers to feed the plants also.
Not going to start dosing for a couple more weeks. keep the old algae away until plants have filled out a bit more. Not exactly sure what to dose as of yet...maybe some nitrogen and phosphorus in the form of Tropica specialised fertilizer. As I won't be putting to many fish in there...but I don't want to kick start any algae. Need to find that balance :)
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Welcome to the forum.

Plants cannot possibly hope, even in their wildest dreams, to compete with algae. But that's a story for another post in another section.