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Help identifying this algae


26 Apr 2021
Can someone please help me identifying this algae ?

This is in a very new tank (10 days) and the algae appeared on the 6th or 7th day. It isn't cycled yet. The tank is about 100L.

Algae description :

- Dark brownish-greyish depending on the light intensity

- Very easy to remove with finger or toothbrush

- Reappear super rapidly after manual removal (1day)

- All plants and rocks have it, sometimes a lot sometimes just a little

My parameters :

  • pH 7,1
  • No3 about 10
  • No2 about 0,3
  • GH about 4
  • KH between 0 et 3
  • Temperature at 25°C

- Light : 50W of pure light baby, 8 hours a day (Chihiros A801)

Keep in mind that it is a non-cycled tank. Also, I use Ada Amazonia soil, so this is why my Kh is low. I'm also injection Co².

Thank you guys !

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