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Discussion in 'Aquascaping' started by Assaye, 12 Jan 2010.

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    I'm currently planning a scape for my mess of a planted tank.

    It's only small - 65 litres - and more square than long. It's just a standard tank - black silicone, plastic lid, etc. Nothing fancy or particularly attractive.

    I want the main focus for the scape to be "tree stump". I want the whole thing to look like a mossy, overgrown tree trunk/tree stump in an emerald forest.

    Due to the semi-aggressive nature of the female bettas in the tank, it needs to have lots of tall plants and places to hide so a sparse/minimalist design won't work.

    The tank will have daily dosing of micro and macro ferts and liquid carbon with a sand and gravel mix substrate, hopefully 10X turnover (if I can find an affordable external filter - it currently have 2 internals and has pretty good water movement) and 1.5 WPG.

    I don't have much interest in brown/red/yellow plants. I like strong greens and well defined leaves. Mosses, vallis, crypts, anubias and echinodorus species are a favourite, although I'm definitely open to suggestions! I also love grassy plants like hairgrass, and other plants that provide a "carpet" effect (HC keeps being mentioned?).

    Does anyone fancy helping me construct this beast? I'm having a read through the beginners guides but a bit of direction from real people would be awesome.

    Also - what would YOU do with a fairly square 65 litre tank?

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