HELP where can i refill CO2 bottle?

Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by severance, 14 Feb 2008.

  1. severance

    severance Newly Registered

    14 Feb 2008
    At first I would like to Say hello to everybody ... so Hello ;)
    We are new in England (came here 2.5 years ago from Poland ) and 1 year ago we came back to our old hobby - fish and plants.
    For now we've got :
    230 litres tank with rasboras harlequine and corydoras
    140 litres tank with more corydoras ;) and killies
    and just starting 112 litres for shrimps (with rots and moss)
    OK. enough about me ;)
    Lets talk about my problem 8)
    I spent half a day looking for a place i can refill my 2 kg bottle for CO2.
    Anybody can give me a clue ?
    Few people I spoke on the phone (fire extuingisher refilling) offered exchange of the bottle (dunno why advertise as REFILL?) - but I would like to keep my oryginal one.
    I live in Huddersfield - but I'm so desperate that can go even to Manchester to refill.
    Many thanks for any advice.

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