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help with circulation


19 Jan 2009
i have a juwel rio 180 (not yet running) :twisted: and have just been reading george farmers article on algae. one of the reasons he says for getting algae is poor circulation.
this got me wondering if i had enough circulation.
so my question is 'will my standard juwel bio compact (big black box that sits in corner) circulate enough water to push the nutrients around and not creat any dead spots?
if no then what can i do to increase circulation?
thanks in advance! :D

In short no, i don't think the standard power head used on the Juwel filter will give you the 10 times turn over.

A few things you can do here, upgrade to an external filter, or run it along side the Juwel filter or maybe install another power head in the tank.

I have just recently installed a Eheim Compact 2000+ to my tank, which is an inline pump, to run along side my eheim 2026.

Cheers Gordon.
Have a look here, viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1275

I have used a Koralia 1 in this exact same tank to boost the flow. Your other choices are to add an external filter or remove the internal filter and replace it with a larger external filter. Personally I like the Juwel filter and therefore have simply added the koralia.