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26 Nov 2016
Hey guys,

My name is Gonçalo Silva, I live in Portugal and I start with tanks a year ago. Start with low cost/low tech in a second hand tank but I was tired quickly, so in this year I've been updating my gear and learning a lot.

I'm totally in love with aquascaping/NA tanks and at the moment I have two: 90x45x45 (soon I will post my new setup i've been working on) and a 40x40x40 that is in the final stage for a photo to submit in IAPLC.

I have the fortune to know some of the most talent aquascapers in PT like Nuno Matos, Luis Cardoso, Rui Alves, Miguel Reis and Pedro Rosa. I learn a lot with them in forums and in the ADA store Aquaeden where 4 of them work by the way ;).

And that's me, I hope to learn a lot here and share my tanks.

PS: sorry for my english, I've been in international forums before and I may be rusted.

Abraço (cheers)
Welcome to the UKaps Abraco;)
Nice introduction:thumbup::happy:
Welcome goncalo, looking forward to seeing your tanks.

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Welcome Abraço
Loving the Canyon!!!!


Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to learn a lot here, and in the future, who knows, maybe help ;)

Bem-vindo Gonçalo, vais adorar este fórum.
Bem-vindo! Mais um Tuga aqui pró fórum! ;)

Obrigado Inácio e Kadoxu, já vi que isto está cheio de tugas. Onde quer que a malta vá há sempre pelo menos um tuga :D