Hi from a plant newbie


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4 Jul 2020
Hiya guys and gals
I’ve come back to fishkeeping as a proper hobby after roughly 20 months of merely keeping some minnows alive while I settled into my new home. Previously I was the very proud keeper of a 240L Fluval Roma and I was sadder about losing that than the fella ;). I always wanted a properly planted tank but said fella didn’t allow it:rolleyes:.
I’ve just purchased a Fluval flex 57L and I have our old 29L nano tank in the kitchen going through a new cycle after an accidental filter incident and a faulty extension cable :banghead:.
So, today my plants arrived...I just forgot to allow time for the hardscape, soil and ferts to arrive first. I’m sure i’ll muddled through somehow (hoping everything else arrives Monday, unless Parcel2go deliver on a Sunday). Just wanted to say hi as i’ve Been browsing for a couple of weeks now while I figured out what I wanted to do. Looking forward to getting stuck in.