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Hi from Holland


29 Mar 2011
Hi guys,

Convinced after a talk by Dan that i should register, here is my registration. I am a tech freak and basically DIY almost all my tanks. I will spare you the 5 years of trying to get things right in this post. I will post a log of each of my tanks on the forum, so you know what i did (and forgot) and how my tanks evolved. In met Dan and the UKAPS crew on Vivarium 2011, where i was standing with my Webshop. Since Dan told me i could not advertise since i am not a sponser (yet), i just tell you i sell stuff (NO3/PO4/CSM+B/Fe gluconate/Carbo) for keeping a planted tank. For now i'll leave it at that, and i won't go into details.

Anyway, HUGE planted enthousiast. I got the Ludwigia Inclinata var. Pantanal from USA and i ordered the Trithuria sp. from bsmith which should arrive later this week. Here is a teaser pic:
Hi Corki, depends from who you buy. I've bought from this guy more (bsmith) and he sends quickly and with tracking numbers. I also lost 150$ when i ordered from another guy which never arrived....
Hello mate, welcome :)

Lovely looking plant, I'm not much of a geek with this but I'm guessing its rare right lol :D