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Honey Gourami Male - Blue Ram Female; Can they breed?


New Member
26 Jul 2021
Essex UK
I have a female blue ram and a male honey Gourami. The ram keeps showing interest in the Gourami but only the male and not the two females. Only bought them a few days ago so maybe the ram is starting to be a bit territorial. She's not hurting the gourami as she's half the size and the gourami doesn't seem bothered until the she follows him.

I did actually want a male blue ram but now her pink is showing on the belly and sheen through her black spot. I know these are more aggressive as I've owned rams before.

Other fish are Otos, embers and endlers and the ram doesn't care about those either. When the gourami comes close and in line of sight, the ram will come over and give him a little nudge and eat right next to him.


15 Nov 2015
It could be territorial but sometimes fish just make connections, sometimes unwanted from the other fish. I wouldn't worry until you have reason to worry but there is no chance of them breeding.