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How often do you have your hands in


9 Mar 2008
Well like the title says how often do you mess around with your tank,move plants/trim them or get your hands wet to do something in the tank over a week you get the idea :D
To the initial question I can answer daily. I don't tinker though. Its more a case of removing any dead plant leaves that get caught on others. removing any food stuck on the top etc.

Trimming plants etc every day, WC on one of the tanks every day. 4 high tech tanks doesn't leave a lot of time for anything else :lol:
Every other day, water changes on my moss pots.
Averaging once a week, on my 160L.
Not as often as I'd like! I've not seen my tank lights on since Sunday and I'm not likely to until tomorrow evening! There's just so much going on!

If my tank were open top then I'd have my hands in all the time, pinching bits off, removing that pest snail, grabbing that floating leaf. As it is with the big Juwel lid I leave it until I've got a spare half hour to do everything.

Still I usually get my hands wet at least 2-3 times a week on the one tank.
Every other day now average.Its usually just to neaten up the sand front.
Dont need to trim stems much lately, they're becoming very compact.
Glosso trimming is being a hassle though.

Yes... I do regret using that plant :lol: