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IAPLC 2011


18 Jul 2011
leyland lancashire
IAPLC 2011 `Hidden Tiger` rank 234
This is my first attempt at a competion am quite pleased with how the tank looked when i took the photo but think i need to improve my photograph the tank looks even better now, the trees have realy filled out the tank its self is
72"l x36"h x28"w and holds 1000l pluss so all the planting has been done from the top step of step ladders with some very long twesers, not posted pictuers before so i hope this works :http://i1115.photobucket.com/albums/k549/bw577162/P1020916.jpg
as tom says click IMG and insert the link so it shows like this


tank looks gorgeous mate. would be nice for some info on lighting, filtration etc etc too :thumbup:
Thanks for the comments it has been a labor of love for the last 12 months or so,
as for fillter light ect . it run`s a fluval fx5 through 2 300w external heaters, lighting is 4 x 80w t5`s and two 40w t8`s housed in a traditional wooden hood.There is a drain directly underneeth the tank and a tap and carbon fillter built underneeth waterchange`s are done by turning 2 valves i do a 50% waterchange each week.Substrate is jbl manado and jbl base layer.I run a jbl automated co2 unit with a 10l tank and put about 25 bubbles per seckond through a single large rinox defuser .I have lots of pictuers of the set up and development of this tank i will try and load some this weekend
I'm not sure how I missed this one. It must be one of my favourite tanks!! If you have some more pictures of the various development stages, it would be greatly appreciated, I'm sure, by many people here if you posted some of them in the Journals section. Must be really fantastic to have this kind of tank in your house! Congratulations.