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Ideas For Tank Re-scape


15 Sep 2008
Hey guys. Right now i have a Rio 180 setup with 2 45w T5's a tetratec ex700 and an eheim 2213 filtering. A 200w Hydor ETH external heater and the substrate is tetra plant complete capped with playsand. I have now purchased everything for a pressurised co2 kit and some new wood and mini landscape rocks. The thing is im not sure what plants to use for the scape. I know i would like either glosso or HC for a carpet across the front and P. Helferi in the rockwork around the wood. What plants would you suggest to bush things out a bit. I am also considering using vallisneria nana to make a wall across the back. Any ideas appreciated

Mark Evans

13 Jun 2008
newark notts.
Jamess said:
What plants would you suggest to bush things out a bit.

e tenellus for starters. i'd maybe use that around the wood and rocks?

blyxa, if you can get hold of the stuff :?

maybe something on the stem front?...i'm currently finding that Micranthemum umbrosum has potential for being a low lying bush if given what appears to be enough light and good pruning.

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