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Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by James Flexton, 7 Dec 2007.

  1. James Flexton

    James Flexton Member

    21 Aug 2007
    Stotfold, Herts/Beds
    Hi there stranger, nice to see you on here checking out our community. the general idea of our society is to bring together all plant keepers in the UK so we can exchange ideas, growing methods and generally help each other out with our tanks and plants.

    now it is great that you are here and reading up on planted tanks, probably getting some new ideas and answering some of your questions covered in the existing threads but do me a favour and join up. it's free to all and it only takes a moment to register. There are no "experts here" in the true sense of the word just many like minded people with varying levels of experience all sharing their findings with other hobbyists. although you are welcome to continue to log on as a guest it would be nice if we had the opportunity to use your experience as i'm sure each and everyone of you knows something we dont! it is a little frustrating looking at the top of the main page and seeing

    "5 users online (1 member, 4 guests)"

    please do join us, we are a friendly bunch and would love to push our member numbers up. we already have had success in driving the hobby in the UK advising retailers on the products to stock etc.. our weight with them will be stronger the more registered members we have so dont delay and put yourself on the list we'd love to have you on board (excuse the pun lol).

    anyway if for any reason you do not wish to then thats not a problem and i hope you enjoyed your stay.

    James Flexton

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