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Is my fert dosing ok


9 Nov 2008
Selby, NorthYorkshire
Im guys I dont have a prob yet with algie or anything yet tuch wood. But I was wondering if my dosing is ok. I have 60l one 15 watt T8 which is on for eight aday (it comes on at three and goes of at eleven.) I dose 2ml of easy carb after the light as been on for four hours and every morning I had 1ml of the profito. And on a saturday I do a 30water change. Is this ok, like I said I haven't had a prob. The other thing is could I had Ferro,fosfo and nito. I've just started my bottle of profito. Is ott (I am switching to TPN+ once the profito finshed)
Hi Jon1706
If you haven't got algae, you must be doing something right :lol: .
If your plants are doing OK I wouldn't bother adding anything else as you get a whole bunch of goodies free in your tap water :D . So don't be worrying about adding Ferro, Fospho & Nitro unless your plants show signs of deficiencies because Profito appears to contain most of the goodies your plants need anyway.
Observe your plants and they will tell you if anything is missing ;) .
Why make your life complicated :D.

Check out this excellent link for a guide to plant deficiencies, but it sounds like you've got it under control from what information you've given us.

Thank you Chris for the reply and the link. What goodies do I get in Yorkshire waters finest lol,as I a water safe from tetra. I tnought that removed stuff from the water. Or is that me been daft.
Hi jon1706
Not sure what you've got in Yorkshire's finest but in Thames water we get all sorts of free goodies. Things like Nitrates, Magnesium, Phosphate and all sorts of other stuff that the plants all use.
Your water safe stuff from Tetra is primarily used for removing chlorine or chloramine and 'heavy' metals and does not remove the other stuff so the plants still get to use it free of charge :D .

Thats great bit of free advice. Is there any way can found out what is in your water. Got me wondering what I've been drink for years lol
Hi Jon1706
I believe some folks round here have requested a report of the waters content from their local water authority just to see what was in it. I remember someone posting theirs on here and it was quite surprising exactly what was in it.
I have found a link to a Severn Trent Water report (sorry all the Yorkshire water links appear to be broken :( ) http://www.stwater.co.uk/upload/pdf/ZSF ... headle.pdf this might give you some idea of what's in your tap water, there's 6 pages of it :wideyed: .
Obviously it varies from area to area, so you'd need to make your own enquiries about yours.
As I dose EI values of ferts and I know what's in them, I know I am putting in my tank, Nitrate, Phosphate, Magnesium, Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum & Zinc. If you look down the list you will see most are in there somewhere, (except Molybdenum & Zinc), some have smaller amounts than others.
So there you have conclusive proof that tap water contains free fertiliser for your plants :D, but not necessarily in the right amounts.
Who said tap water was 'bad' for plants :lol: . It's not too bad for us earthlings either ;) .

Thank you chris, thats great a bit for info toknow. Thanks again Jon