Is now the time to trim?

Jack B

3 Jan 2020
Hi everyone,

My 180L low tech tank is into its eighth week now, and the plants (an AG random selection pack for a 36" tank) are progressing.


I want to create the kind of plant cover that my shrimp and (soon to be added) lambchop rasboras / habrosus / neons / asian rummys will appreciate.

Is now the time to trim and replant the stems at the back, or should I just let everything grow for a while yet to create a bit more cover?

I'm happy to buy some more plants if that's best. I have already added some Amazon Frogbit - would take another photo but am not at home right now.

Journal to follow - as soon as I get to live at home again! My flatmate is tank sitting and, fortunately, willing to get his hands wet.
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