Is there a fair priced dimmable lighting controller?


31 Oct 2007
Can someone please point me to a lighting timer that can also do dimming?

I quite like the idea of my lights gradually fading out in the evening. It should spook the fish less, is nice and zen in the evening compared to that abrupt "click" and I can get an extra hour of light in without overdoing the illumination and getting algae. Its not much more to spec dimmable ballasts with a light fixture, however the controllers seem overpriced. The on board controllers are outrageous, for example Giesemann charge twice the price for thier "Sunrise" feature - how can they justify that, must be a "premium uplift" in there methinks.

You can also control them with an aquarium computer like the GHL Profilux II but they come in expensive too at 130 quid. After all, they do so much other stuff too.,37/page,shop.browse/category_id,1/

Has anyone seen a cheaper way of doing it?