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Is this Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis 53B'

12 Nov 2020
Tyne and Wear
I was sold the below pictured plant as Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis 53B' back in February. It's never done well in my tank. This is the best it's ever looked (now thats it's in a low flow area away from other stems) with a some new growth throughout although it always has some algae on its leaves. It's described as a tall plant and the leaves are described as dark green and broad. Which doesn't really match the plant I have. It's 6 or 7cm tall at most and the leaves are 0.8cm at the widest with most being less than 0.5cm.

(It's in a tricky position to photograph so apologies for the water distortion in the images). So I was wondering, is it a different Hygrophila? Or is it just very stunted because it doesn't like my tank.

IMG_20231117_141936~2.jpg IMG_20231117_141952~2.jpg IMG_20231117_142017~2.jpg

1. Tank Dimensions: 152.5x45.5x45.5 (C.250L actual volume)
2. Established: Started Oct 2020, Fish added Nov 2020
3. Tap Water: Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0, kH 2-3, gH 7-8, pH 6.5-6.8 degasses to pH 7.4-7.6
4. Filtration and Media: Two Tetra EX1200 plus, half foam, half biohome mixed with ceramics.
5. Lighting and duration: 2x1450mm t5's 80w iQuatics Tropical and 80w iQuatics white 10hrs per day.
6. Substrate: Inert small gravel and large sand mix
7. Co2: Reactor on one of the filters, running at around 18ppm CO2. On 3 hours before lights on and off 80 minutes before lights out.
8. Drop Checker: Yes sometimes. Aiming or Dark Green.
9. Fertilizers: 6ml CSM+B trace elements daily. 2ml Flourish Nitrogen Daily, 1/32 tsp Potassium Monphosphate 4 days per week. (Occasional sodium bicarb and powdered cuttle shell it's for animals but affects water parameters so worth mentioning)
10. Water change regime: 20-50% per week depending on dead leavs and other mess.
11. Plant list:
  1. Vallis Americana since Oct 2020
  2. Limnobium Laevigatum since Oct 2020 although new added in August 2022 due to condensation damage on old growth
  3. Saggitaria Subbulata since Oct 2020
  4. Vesicularia Dubyana since Oct 2020
  5. Microsorum Pteropus since July 2021
  6. Salvinia Auriculata Since July 2021 (almost entirely outcompeted by Frogbit)
  7. Crinum Calamistratum since August 2022
  8. Eleocharis acicularis mini since Feb 2023 (almost all outcompeted by Dwarf Sag now)
  9. Marsilea hirsuta since Feb 2023
  10. Marsilea crenata since Feb 2023
  11. Lobelia Cardinalis Mini since Feb 2023
  12. Ceratopteris Thalictroides since Feb 2023
  13. Limnophila Sessiliflora since Feb 2023
  14. Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis 53B' since Feb 2023
  15. Rotala Macandra? sincee Aug 2023
  16. Rotala Indica since Aug 2023
  17. Phyllanthus fluitans since Nov 2023 (recently added to diversify floaters)
  18. Salvinia Natans since Nov 2023 (recently added to diversify floaters)
12. Inhabitants.
  1. 20 Cherry Barbs
  2. 17 Neon Tetra
  3. 15 Lemon Tetra
  4. 4 Silver Flying Foxes
  5. 2 Bristlenose Pleco
  6. 25 Amano Shrimp
  7. 11 Yellow Cherry Shrimp
  8. 5 Nerite Snails
  9. 4 Horned Nerite Snails
  10. Malaysian Trumpet Snails
13. Full tank shot:
14. Surface image:
IMG_20231117_145920.jpg IMG_20231117_145940.jpg IMG_20231117_145948.jpg
. So I was wondering, is it a different Hygrophila?
It's a bit hard to tell from the photos.

In this picture the leaf almost has the shape of hygrophila polysperma, but this could just be down to its poor growth. Also I can't quite make out if the stem is of a woody nature, rather than typical stem "soft".

If its more of a woody texture like the photos below then it's more likely to be corymbos.

Here what I'm referring to about the stem. Corymbosa siamensis 53b when my tank was low tech.